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Mexico City Visit


In July 2023 I visited Mexico City on an artist residency supported by Arts council England. This astounding experience has given me the opportunity to visit the home of my heroines Frida Kahlo and Leonora Carrington. 

Below you can see the my artwork and some of the places I visited.

I learnt more about the culture of Mexico and Leonora Carrington and Frida Kahlos life. This impacted on my palette, I opted for brighter, more confident colours which were drawn from my environment. I have developed as an artist in both style and confidence, I have found new joy in creating from the perspective of my own experience. I went to discover Frida and Leonora's inspirations, but I actually found my own.


The variety of disciplines the other artists on the residency were moving and it seemed as though the residency hosts had created an environment where we all overlapped each other despite being very different. Between us we had the themes of displacement, heritage, emotions, self and cultural awareness, belonging and autonomy. The work of the other artists and their views and comments on my work spring boarded me forward.


During our exhibition I gave a presentation to around 30 artists and I did not stammer or have a Tourettes outburst. These symptoms of PTSD have plagued me for years, I felt accepted and respected and my confidence grew as an artist. I spent so many years working from my bed that this experience was the most powerful and influential of my life.

I would like to thank Ella Pollard for coming as my carer. She stayed by my side even when I was embarrassing happy crying at Fridas house. 

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