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Red is currently collaborating with SATEDA to bring you an online shop and raffles to raise funds for the work the charity does to provide direct access to support, advocacy and advice for victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

In November 2023 I held an exhibiton at The Garrison Gallery, Maker Heights, Cornwall. During the exhibition I sold raffle tickets for a painting and raised £146. The winner asked me to auction the painting and it raised a further £105, plus an auction bidder bought a print of the painting which raised a further £21.


The painting raised a total of £272

Birthday Fundraiser

For my 50th birthday I offered a commissioned portrait painting to the highest bidder by June 11th. All the money will go to SATEDA.

I am very excited to announce that the winning bid was: 




and I will be working with the winner to create a painting over the next 6 months

Red and SATEDA

My art project on psychological control reflects my own journey to recovery after abuse. I haven't just escaped, I have learnt about who I am and am communicating my experience, and the experience of other women through my paintings.


I want my work to contribute financially to projects who help women to escape abuse.

I had begun building a collection of clothing and projects in a shop with the platform Contrado when I met Juliette from at an online workshop. We talked and I thought she was warm and lovely, I had heard of SATEDA before through the Womens Equality Party and I was aware of their work, so I offered to fundraise for Juliette and she accepted. You can find out more about SATEDA here:



I am new to fundraising in this way and would love to hear your ideas or feedback on the work I have done so far.


Dont forget that 20% of the profit from Red's Contrado Shop goes to SATEDA. You can find Red's shop here:




Previous Fundraisers

March 2022

Red hosted a "Raffall" raffle to win a giclee print. The winner Lucy (pictured) chose Reds painting "A War Not Over Yet"

The raffle raised £52.50

Dec 2021 

Roughly £300 worth of products were sold and £50 of that was Red's commission, which was donated to SATEDA.

Lucy with her raffle prize.png
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